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Illegal migrant sentenced in Michigan for criminal sexual conduct
Prosecutors say man committed sex crime against a 15-year-old girl
April 03, 2024
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LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Mich - According to Livingston County Circuit Court records, 26-year-old Alan Nievas-Garnica pled guilty to criminal sexual conduct in the third degree for a crime he committed against a 15-year-old girl in the county on October 22, 2023.

Nievas-Garnica was sentenced on February 15 to a minimum of one year and six months to a maximum of 15 years in prison.

According to transcripts from a court appearance on January 19, 2024, Judge Michael Hatty asked Nievas-Garnica if he was a citizen of the United States. Nievas-Garnica responded by saying, “No.”

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During Nievas-Garnica’s sentencing, a letter was read in court from the victim’s parents. The parents voiced their frustration that Nievas-Garnica was in the United States illegally.

Judge Hatty also said during the hearing the United States Immigrations and Customs Enforcement would be contacted regarding the defendant, Alan Nievas-Garnica. 

Nievas-Garnica is currently in a prison in Jackson, Michigan.

I went on the Michigan prison website to look for Nievas-Garnica’s picture and this is what I found below:


The website does not show Nievas-Garnica’s mugshot, which is unusual. Most of the current inmates have a mugshot posted on the website.

I reached out to Green Oak Twp, Police Chief Steven Kramer, who said it was not confirmed if Nievas-Garnica was an illegal migrant. Kramer did not respond to further questions about the case.

A person is charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct if they engage in sexual penetration under certain conditions, including if the victim is between 13 and 16 years old, if force or coercion is used, if the victim is mentally incapacitated or physically helpless, if the victim is a relative within the third degree and the act is not otherwise prohibited, or if the victim is a minor under specific circumstances involving school or care settings.

It's a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Defenses include situations where the accused was coerced by someone in authority, but the burden of proof is on the defendant. Special provisions cover victims aged 16 to 25 receiving special education, or those in child care, foster care, or similar settings, with specific stipulations regarding the perpetrator's relationship to the institution or the victim.



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WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Joe Biden is set to meet with key national security officials in the Situation Room following his return from Rehoboth, Delaware, the White House announced today. This high-level gathering will include Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown, alongside National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Deputy Adviser Jon Finer.

Vice President Kamala Harris and Chief of Staff Jeff Zients are expected to join the meeting via secure video link. The meeting follows earlier briefings provided to the President concerning escalating tensions in the Middle East.

In related developments, tensions have surged in the region as Iran launched multiple drone attacks against Israel, a move confirmed by both Israeli and U.S. officials. The Israeli Defense Forces have publicly acknowledged the attacks, stating readiness to respond both defensively and offensively.

Israeli Prime Minister ...

U.S. Deploys Warships Amid Heightened Tensions Between Israel and Iran

In a significant escalation of Middle Eastern tensions, the U.S. is dispatching at least two warships to protect Israel and American forces in the region, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. This move comes in response to Iran’s threats of retaliation following an Israeli airstrike on a diplomatic facility in Damascus. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has publicly vowed to retaliate, raising fears of an imminent attack.

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News they don't want you to see
Friday April 19, 2024

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WASHINGTON D.C. - Existing home sales fell in March by the most in over a year as mortgage rates lurched upward amid higher inflation readings.

Existing home sales in March fell 4.3% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.19 million, the National Association of Realtors reported on Thursday, as higher mortgage rates priced out many would-be buyers and led many homeowners to avoid selling and having to reenter the home loan market.

Total housing inventory at the end of March was 1.11 million units, up 4.7% from February and 14.4% from a year ago.

The median price of an existing home in February was $393,500, an increase of 4.8% from the year before. Additionally, homes typically remained on the market for 33 days in March, down from 38 days in February. Click here to read more.


LANSING, Mich - Gov. Gretchen Whitmer took to the social media platform X April 2 to tout the state’s work to fix the roads under her leadership. “Michigan has fixed: 20,000 lane miles of road 1,400 bridges. Say it with me: We’re fixing the damn roads – and I mean it!” Whitmer wrote. Official projections, however, show that on the current current trajectory, Michigan’s roads will get worse over the next 10 years.

Nearly two-thirds of Michigan’s roads are in good or fair condition, according to the Transportation Asset Mangement Council, which estimates that 25% are in good condition and 38% are fair. The percentage of roads in good or fair condition will drop to 52% by 2034, however, with 20% in good condition and 32% only fair. Nearly half of all roads (48%) will be in poor condition. Click here to read more.


SOUTH BEND, IN - An illegal immigrant has been charged over a car crash that killed an advisor to Democratic Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto earlier this month. 

The suspect, 18-year-old Elmer Rueda-Linares, was charged by police with failing to stop at the scene of an accident after a crash at 4:30 a.m on April 6 in Reno led to the death of 38-year-old Kurt Englehart, a senior state advisor to Masto. Rueda-Linares was first charged by police with felony hit-and-run, according to the Reno Gazette Journal.  According to the Department of Homeland Security, Rueda-Linares illegally entered the United States in March 2021. 

“Rueda entered the United States March 12, 2021, at or near the Rio Grande City, Texas, Port of Entry without inspection by an immigration official,” DHS told the Reno Gazette Journal. “United States Customs and Border Protection arrested him, and he was later released on his own recognizance June 22, 2021.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement placed an immigration detainer on Rueda-Linares on April 8. The suspect is currently behind bars at the Washoe County Jail with a $100,000 bail and is expected to appear before a Reno Justice Court judge Thursday afternoon.  Click here to read more.


LANSING, Mich - New financial disclosure requirements reveal Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s investments ballooned by about $500,000 over the last two years, fueled in part by oil company stocks.

The governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general and state lawmakers filed financial disclosure statements on Monday as required by Proposal 1, a ballot initiative approved by 66% of voters in 2022.

The intent of the initiative was to force public servants to annually disclose information on income, assets, liabilities, lobbyist gifts, and business interests, though legislation approved last year to implement the initiative created loopholes that shield critical information about salaries, and assets held by spouses, according to Bridge Michigan. Click here to read more.


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A proposed California law would ban the most common method used to make decaffeinated coffee.

The method involves methylene chloride, an organic compound often used to remove caffeine from coffee. Methylene chloride is a known carcinogen, according to OSHA, and exposure to the compound in its raw form can harm the eyes, skin, heart and liver.

Assembly Bill 2066, authored by Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes, D-District 50, would criminalize those who make or sell decaf coffee made with the compound. Violators could receive a $5,000 fine on first offense and a $10,000 fine on the second.

In an analysis of the bill, the author noted coffee prepared this way presents a particular risk for “pregnant people” as they are more likely to drink decaf for safety reasons. AB 2066 is currently with the state's Assembly Judiciary Committee, and if ultimately signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, the law would take effect in Jan. 2027. Click here to read more.

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News they don't want you to see
Thursday April 18, 2024

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LANSING, Mich - School funding is complicated, and people can believe a lot of things that have been addressed and changed decades ago. The idea that the state underfunds poor urban districts is often taken as self-evident even when the evidence says otherwise.

Schools in Michigan received an average of $14,475 per student in funding from federal, state and local governments in the 2022-23 school year, according to the latest data available. All large urban districts received more per student than the statewide average.

Benton Harbor Area Schools received $31,155 per student. Click here for the story.

Flint Community Schools took in $29,640 per student.

The Detroit Public Schools Community District landed $28,919 per student.


DEWITT, Mich - Parents of Schavey Road Elementary students in Dewitt last week received correspondence from school officials that their children would receive gender sensitivity instruction.

A letter attributed to Liz Crouch, principal, Schavey Road Elementary, and Shanna Spickard, superintendent, DeWitt Public Schools, appeared on Schavey Road Elementary letterhead that misspells the small town’s name as “Dewitt.”

The letter states: “We would like to inform you of a lesson that will be taught in your child’s classroom. The lesson goals are to help students share and explore pronouns through discussion and literature to embrace differences and promote acceptance.” Click here to read more


WASHINGTON D.C. - The new head of National Public Radio Katherine Maher says the "the number one challenge" in her fight against disinformation is "the First Amendment in the United States," which makes it "a little bit tricky" to censor "bad information" and "the influence peddlers" who spread it. Click here to watch the video of her craziness.


HIALEAH GARDENS, Fla. – Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation on Wednesday requiring that schools teach the accurate history of communism in classrooms.

The legislation requires “age and developmentally appropriate” instruction on the history of communism, beginning in the 2026-2027 school year.

The curriculum requirements include:

  • Teaching the history of communism in the United States

  • The atrocities committed in foreign countries under communism

  • comparative discussion of extreme political ideologies

  • The increasing threat of communism in the United States

  • The economic, industrial, and political events that have preceded and anticipated communist revolutions

  • The communist policies and practices of Cuba and Latin America

The bill, HB 1349, was brought forth by Reps. Robert Charles Brannan, R-Lake


LOS ANGELES, CALIF - A man posing as a priest and wanted by authorities across the country on accusations of robbing churches has been arrested in California, officials said.

Malin Rostas, 45, of New York, was arrested by deputies April 10 shortly after attempting to burglarize a Moreno Valley church, according to an April 11 news release from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities said the black sedan Rostas was driving matched the description of a vehicle associated with several reported burglaries.

Rostas was booked at the Robert Presley Detention Centr on an outstanding felony warrant in Pennsylvania, the sheriff’s office said.

He is accused of stealing $15,500 in cash from a home in Adams County in May 2022, WGAL reported.

Rostas’ ruse involved him posing as a Catholic priest named “Father Martin” in order to gain access to offices and rectories from which he would steal money or valuables, according to the Diocese of Sacramento. Click here to read more.




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New NPR boss not a fan of the second ammendment
What is really going on behind the scenes

WASHINGTON D.C. - Katherine Maher, who boasts a prestigious background with roles at UNICEF, the Atlantic Council, the World Economic Forum, the State Department, Stanford University, and the Council on Foreign Relations, has recently taken over as CEO of National Public Radio. Maher, who previously led the Wikimedia Foundation, has barely settled into her new role and is already facing significant challenges.

Click here to read Chris Ruffo’s exclusive reporting on Maher.

Within weeks of her appointment, NPR's senior editor Uri Berliner resigned following a public critique of the network, accusing it of ideological bias. Rather than engaging with Berliner's concerns, Maher issued him a five-day unpaid suspension, a move that Berliner cited as a contributing factor in his decision to leave the organization.

According to Ruffo, complicating matters for Maher is her extensive digital footprint, consisting of some 29,400 tweets. These tweets, which range from personal reflections to political commentary, paint a portrait of an individual deeply immersed in the language and priorities of contemporary progressive thought. Terms like “structural privilege,” “epistemic emergency,” and “late-stage capitalism” are frequent in her Twitter lexicon, reflecting her engagement with modern social issues.

Maher’s tweets reveal her staunch support for movements like Black Lives Matter and her anticipation for political figures such as Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton. She has also expressed disdain for former President Donald Trump, labeling him a “deranged racist sociopath.”


According to Ruffo, her social media activity also showcases her personal life, including her frequent travel and her conscious decision to remain childless due to environmental concerns. Moreover, Maher's candidness about her lifestyle and choices highlights the intersection of the personal and political in her public persona.

As Maher navigates her role at the helm of one of America’s foremost public media organizations, the blend of her professional challenges and her outspoken social media presence will likely continue to attract both support and scrutiny. This episode at NPR underscores the complex dynamics at play when personal beliefs and public responsibilities intersect in the digital age.

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